Charter by Queen Anne under the privy seal, granting to the professor of oriental languages a salary of 40 pounds a year, to the professor of mathematics 40 pounds a year, to professor of humanities 25 pounds a year, to professor of botany 30 pounds a year, to the principal, by way of augmentation, 22 pounds a year, to each of the three professors of philosophy, by way of augmentation, 11 pounds a year, to the professor of Greek, by way of augmentation, 20 pounds yearly, amounting in all to 210 pounds yearly, with provision that the payment shall be annually made out of the revenues of the Exchequer applicable to the use of the civil government, or applicable as aforesaid.

Scope and Content

The seal has been lost. It had a pendant seal tag.

The document is written on parchment in a cursive italic hand, without any ornamentation.

Custodial History

Previously numbered GUA 10203.

Blackhouse charters catalogue description: 'Gift by Q. Anne under the preivie seall to the professor of the Orientall Languages in the University of Glasgow of a Sellary of 40 pounds Starl. to the professor of Mathomaticks yr 40 pounds Star. to the professor of Humanity 25 pounds To the professor of Bottany 30 pounds To the princll. by way of augmentation 22 pounds To each of the 3 professors of Phylosophie as ane augmentation 11 pounds To the professor of Greek as ane augmentation 20 pounds Starline Amounting in all to 210 pounds Starline Commanding payment to be made yearly dureing the said Queens life To the said respective professors of their severall annuall soumes above mentioned Out of the revenue that shall be in the receipt of the Exchequer applicable to the uses of the Civill Government or in the hands of the Receiver of the profits of the post office in Scotland or in the hands of the receaver or recevers of any oyr branch of the revenue applicable as aforesaid beginning the first paymant due at Whyt. then last past for the terme proceeding forthwith and the subsequent paymwents at Whyt. and Mart. yearly by equall portions Dureing the tyme forsaid of the Queens life dated 22 Sept. 7 year of that queens reign 1708'.


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