Derrick Stenning: Anthropological collections on Uganda

Scope and Content

Four series of anthropological files relating to Uganda. Each file is accompanied by a typescript description of its contents. There is a second copy of the summary descriptions in the first box.

Box 1

A.1. Background material regarding Ankole

An offprint of Mackintosh, 'Some notes on the Abahima cattle industry of Ankole', 1938, and extracts from published works on Ankole.

A.2. Chiefs of Ankole

Material for and drafts of Stenning's chapter in East Africans chiefs and a draft introduction to that book.

A.3. Local government in Ankole

Sundry information on chiefs and other subjects.

B.1. How the Banyankole live

A translation from Runyankore into English of a 1958 book by L.K. Taboro.

B.2. Succession in Ankole

Articles by Stenning and H.S. Morris and notes on succession wars.

B.3. Ankole war bands

Notes, tables, etc., and the beginning of an article on Ankole war bands. Some of the material also relates to kingship.

B.4. Omugabe (King) of Ankole

Notes on kingship and on Omugabe.

B.5. Balokole movement

Articles and field notes.

B.6. Emandwa (spirit mediumship) cult and Bachwezi

Articles and notes.

B.7. Court records of three homicide cases

Records of preliminary inquiries, 1956, from the Resident Magistrate's Court, Mbarara (Ankole).

B.8. Marital histories of Bahinda

Stencilled forms relating to the marital histories, etc., of seventeen male and five female members of the Bahinda clan.

B.9. Miscellaneous

Notes, lists, maps, etc.

Box 2

C. Pastoral land use survey, Kinoni, Nyabushozi (Bahima survey)

Files relating to a survey carried out by Stenning of ten kraals in Mumyoka's parish of the sub-county of Mutuba II in the Nyabushozi county of eastern Ankole.

C.1. Pastoral land use survey (Nyabushozi), 1957

Correspondence and proposals regarding the survey, with background information.

C.2. The ten kraals surveyed

Material divided into three sections: I. General and qualitative; II. People and stock; and III. People.

C.3. Ankole kraal census, 1957 - Kinoni

Results of Stenning's census of the ten kraals in the survey.

D. Coral Tree (Muko) Hill

Background and introductory material and findings of a survey of a settlement area or 'commune' called Muko ('Coral Tree Hill') in the 'parish' of Kashekuru in the sub-county of Musale in the Shema county of western Ankole, an agricultural Bairu area.

D.1. Introductory

A list of twelve headings and typescripts of papers on land tenure.

D.2. Manuscript notes by Stenning on various topics

D.3. Background information

Mostly official documents regarding land tenure.

D.4. Background information

Tax and population returns, Shema county.

D.5. The farming year

Material on rainfall, agricultural activities and crops.

D.6. Notes of some native court land cases

Typed summaries of fifteen land cases and five theft cases heard in Musale sub-county court.

D.7. Families and land parcels

Tables and notes on land parcels and populations.

D.8. Clan sections and 'spurs'

A file concerned mainly with the distribution of the three main clans represented on Coral Tree (Muko) Hill over the seven named sectors or 'spurs' of the Hill.

D.9. Descriptions of individual holdings

A detailed description of fifty-four separate parcels of holdings, with sketch maps.

D.10. Personal histories (from questionnaires)

Answers to questionnaires applied to all adult men and women on Muko Hill, with reference to age, religion, education, marital histories and type of marriage, length of residence, etc.

D.11. Genealogies, etc.

Lists of inhabitants, notes on land requisition and inheritance for each clan, and the genealogy of Banyani.

D.12. Migrant labour

Tables, lists and notes on adult males, forays and migrant labour.

D.13. Cash crops and cooperatives

Notes and lists, including material on the Kashekuru Growers Co-op.

D.14. A few rough notes for glossary, Muko Hill

Administrative / Biographical History

Derrick John Stenning, anthropologist, taught at University College London and Cambridge University before working as Director of the East African Institute of Social Research, Uganda. He died in 1964.

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Deposited by Mrs Sheila Stenning, 15 August 1972.

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Description compiled by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives.

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