CD 3

Scope and Content

This disk comprises items copied from the Internet by Anthony Goodman. They are in a variety of formats, including websites that only provide the text of the article, as other aspects of the website, such as images, have not been saved. It includes an article about Israel, part of an Al Qaeda Training Manual, sections of a report by Charles Duelfer on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction, documents related to the International Court of Justice’s decision to hear the case concerning Israel’s construction of a wall on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, images of a US National Security document and a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Statement for the Record concerning security threats, images of a memorandum about the ‘Road Map’ to peace in the Middle East, documents related to hacking mobile phone data, United Nations reports concerning the Millennium Declaration and development, security and human rights and an OLAF document related to an investigation into the European Union’s assistance to the Palestinian Authority’s budget. 

The CD is labelled ‘[?] on oil for food July 9 2004, Al Qaeda Report Dec 20 2004, Volker[?] Feb 2005, World w/o[?] Issue, Saudi hate Material[?], Intel Report April 1 2005, [?], [?] terror Briefs on WMD + [?] 103 report.’