GIFT of all the lands, tmts. and rents which once belonged to Philip son of John Sypman in Northosen', p. St. Thomas the Martyr (further described)

Scope and Content

1. Henry de Crokesford, burgess of Oxford
2. William Kepeharm of Oxford

Witnesses : Nicholas de Stokwell, mayor of Oxford, William of
the same, Geoffrey le Mercer, bailiffs of Oxford, William
Witting, bailiff of Northosen', John de Coleshull, Geoffrey
de Henglee, Geoffrey Goldsmith, John de la Stappe, Luke son
of Alan, William Stirtabach, Geoffrey, clerk

Seal: Pendant tag with partial seal. Single side. Pointed oval shape. Dark brown colour. Height: 30mm (approx). Principal motif: Standing Figure?. Legend [partial]: *HA?NU?EY DVLIII I?*