SURRENDER of 3 tmts. in Abyndon; 1 tmt. in p. All Saints' late in occupation of John Ludlowe, deceased; 1 m. called CroxfordesIn with 4 shops adjacent to the W; 1 garden called Hardynghalle, p. St. Martin; 1 tmt. inhabited by John Bedford; 1 tmt. in Cheynelane, p. St. Mildred; 1 tmt. in p. St. Martin lately inhabited by Bartholomew Bischop, taverner; 1 m. called Blakehalle, p. St. Giles and 80 a. arable land, 16 a. meadow behind Oseney and Bischopeseyte and 2 adjacent cottages, all held by Julian for her life with reversion to 2

Scope and Content

1. Thomas Couele and Julian his wife, late wife of William
Daggevile, late burgess of Oxford, deceased
2. Thomas Daggevile, son and heir of William