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Scope and Content

Document comprising of two e-mails from Gordon Logan of The English Language Centre, Jubail Industrial College, to John Young entitled ‘The Moscow Coup and MI6's Murders’, 5 and 8 December 2000; a letter from Gordon Logan to the Home Office Intelligence and Security Liaison Unit concerning his allegations of MI6 involvement in the murders of Georgi Markov and Robert Maxwell, 30 September 2000; two documents entitled ‘What is the Markov file?’ and ‘How MI6 tricked the Bulgarians into murdering Georgi Markov,’ December 2000; copies of the text of two faxes from Sir Teddy Taylor M.P. to George Logan concerning the Markov file, 15 February and 3 November 2000; and copies of letters from Helen Holden, Parliamentary Reference Specialist, and Jack Straw to George Logan concerning the Markov case and the death of Robert Maxwell, 31 October and 25 August 2000; and a document entitled ‘The secret history of the Moscow coup of August 1991’ by George Logan, 9 December 2000