Episcopalians against Israel.htm

Scope and Content

Israel Commentary website page comprising of the following articles:
‘J’Accuse Episcopalians, Presbyterians, et al.’ by Martin Peretz. 25 July 2005.
‘How about an election?’ by Isi Liebler. 23 July 2005.
‘Enough with the Rationalizations and Alibis’ by Tom Teepen. 21 July 2005.
‘Americans say, “NO!”.’ 20 July 2005.
‘Lebanese Politics, Hezbollah and the U.S.’ 17 July 2005.
‘Exciting political predictions for 2008 from Wm. Safire.’ 14 July 2005.
‘Abandonment of Gaza only begets more Londons and whose next? The Dangers of Capitulation’ by Professor Louis Rene Beres. 11 July 2005.
‘Understanding Ourselves and Those that Hate Us: The Anti-Semitic Disease’ by Paul Johnson. June 2005.
‘Britain Suddenly Discovers the "T" Word (Or does it all depend upon whose ox is being gored?)’ by Steven Plaut. 8 July 2005.
‘Explaining Evangelical Christians, American Jews and the State of Israel’ by Ruthie Blum. 6 July 2005.
‘The Insanity of Self-Destruction Continues: Egypt’s Noose Tightens.’ 4 July 2005.
‘Pope Benedict II and the Jews.’ 3 June 2005.
‘Jews in the United States Armed Forces since 1776’ by Seymour Brody. 1 July 2005.
‘Are you kidding me?’ 30 June 2005.
‘Prime Minister Sharon: Profile Of A Dictatorship’ by Professor Paul Eidelberg. 27 June 2005.
‘Does the United States get its money’s worth?’ by FLAME [Facts and Logic About the Middle East]. 25 June 2005.