W Webster

Scope and Content

'Simon de Montfort and the English Parliament 1248‑1265' , The Antiquary (1883) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/1)

'La Dictionnaire Latin‑Basque de Pierre d'Urte' (1895) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/2). This item consists of the first twenty pages of d'Urte's dictionary, with an introduction by Wentworth Webster

Grammaire Cantabrique Basque faite par Pierre d'Urte (1900) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/3). This item is an edition of d'Urte's grammar of the Basque language, which was created in 1712, held in the library of the Earl of Macclesfield and published for the first time by the Société Ramond under the supervision of Wentworth Webster and Antoine d'Abbadie

La Grammaire Basque de Pierre d'Urte (LC/MS/PP/WBR/4). This item is a reproduction of the first part of d'Urte's grammar of the Basque language

Grammaire Cantabrique due Pierre d'Urte, Errata (LC/MS/PP/WBR/5)

'Prudence et des Basques', Bulletin hispanique, Tome V, No. 3 (July-September 1903) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/6). An index card featuring Webster's name and the title and publication details of this volume is inserted into it.

'On the Use of the Word Mass', Anglican Church Magazine (September-December 1903) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/7)

'Justin Larrebat', Bulletin de « Biarritz Association » (March 1905) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/8)

'Seroras, Freyras, Benoites, Benedictæ Parmi Les Basques', Revue du Béarn et du Pays Basque, 2ᵉ année, No. 4 (April 1905) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/9)

'Modern Monasticism' (LC/MS/PP/WBR/10)

Le Formule Magnique « Sator Arepo » (LC/MS/PP/WBR/11)

'Une Lettre sur la Couvade', Bulletin du Musée Basque, Septième année - No. 11, Nos. 1-2 (1930) (LC/MS/PP/WBR/12)

Philippe Veyrin, 'Wentworth Webster (1828-1907)' (LC/MS/PP/WBR/13).