Other papers related to the UN and Middle East

Scope and Content

This series comprises a wide range of items mainly related to the United Nations and Middle East, as well as other international issues. Topics covered include relations between Israel, the Palestinians and other Middle East countries, anti-Semitism in the United Nations, the United Nations resolution that condemned Zionism as a form of racism, the United Nations’ adoption of a resolution listing anti-Semitism as a form of racism, the Soviet government’s treatment of Jewish people, statements made by member states’ representatives to the UN, the Entebbe incident, the Holocaust, the hunger strike of the mayors of Hebron and Halhoul in the United Nations Headquarters, the death of Leon Klinghoffer, errors in reports published by The Heritage Foundation and the relationship between Billy Carter and Libya. The series contains articles, documents issued by the United Nations, press releases, letters, reports, transcripts of interviews and statements, publications, newspaper clippings, a map and other material. It also includes an annual review of progress for Anthony Goodman.