The Literary Archive of Gavin Selerie

Scope and Content

The literary archive of Gavin Selerie contains drafts of his work, notes and source materials compiled during research for his poems, correspondence, journals, notebooks, reviews of Selerie's work, material relating to the Riverside Interviews with modernist and postmodernist poets conducted in the late 1970s and early 1980s (including drafts and transcriptions of the interviews, correspondence and materials collected during preparation for the interviews including copies of interviewees' work and photographs), materials relating to critical articles by Selerie (including drafts, correspondence and source materials) and Selerie's MPhil thesis.

Gavin Selerie's listing of the archive notes that '[t]he notebooks and folders/files of drafts and source material provide background for Selerie’s imaginative texts and could be of use to scholars for purposes of interpretation and appraisal. In some cases, notably with regard to the Le Fanu and Sheridan families, this could form the basis for further independent research. The source material for Roxy (1996) and Days of ’49 (1999) is distinctive for its combination of popular or pulp material and more highbrow matter.'