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Scope and Content

This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
Annan irked by U.S. Congress's failure to meet dues. 14 November 1997.
Annan proposes Dec. 7, 1998 for Western Sahara vote. 14 November 1997.
Butler rules out using only non-Americans in Iraq. 14 November 1997.
U.N. urges conference to halt Israel settlements. 13 November 1997.
PLO seeks conference to enforce Geneva Convention. 13 November 1997.
Assembly backs first part of U.N. reform package. 13 November 1997.
Butler, Aziz argue over Americans in arms teams. 11 November 1997.
Iraq still bans Americans; Annan hopes all not lost. 10 November 1997.
Annan hoping Iraq has last-minute change of heart. 10 November 1997.
U.N. says Iraq bars check on chemical detectors. 7 November 1997.
U.N. council retains Lockerbie sanctions on Libya. 7 November 1997.
Saddam ahead after first round standoff with U.N. 7 November 1997.
Lifting of sanctions depends on disarming Iraq. 7 November 1997.
U.N. concerned at Iraqi tampering with monitoring. 6 November 1997.
Iraq is hiding items from monitoring cameras. 6 November 1997.
U.S. urged by record U.N. vote to end Cuba embargo. 5 November 1997.
Resumed U.N. session Nov 13 on Israeli settlements. 5 November 1997.
Iraq extends expulsion deadline for Americans. 4 November 1997.
Denktash says Cyprus talks end when EU talks start. 3 November 1997.
U.N. says no freedom in Iraq; hundreds said executed. 3 November 1997.
Inspection crisis triggers U.N. mission to Baghdad. 3 November 1997.
U.N. inspectors in Iraq to resume work, with Americans. 1 November 1997.
Iraq turns back two American U.N. arms inspectors. 30 October 1997.
Iraq bars two American U.N. weapons inspectors. 30 October 1997.
U.N. warns of "serious consequences" of Iraqi ban. 30 October 1997.
U.N. warns of "serious consequences" of Iraqi ban. 29 October 1997.
U.N. arms teams halt work after Iraq bars Americans. 29 October 1997.
Iraq bars U.S. arms inspectors, challenging U.N. 29 October 1997.
Iraq challenges U.N., bars U.S. arms inspectors. 29 October 1997.
FOCUS-Iraq move may be bid to split U.N. Council. 29 October 1997.
China signs convenant on economic and social rights. 27 October 1997.
Bid to upgrade PLO U.N. status, qualify Israel's. 27 October 1997.
Iraq parliament steps up challenge to U.N. council. 27 October 1997.
China's U.N. envoy visits Central African Republic. 24 October 1997.
U.N. weapons chief to visit Iraq in early November. 24 October 1997.
All sides see benefits in council resolution on Iraq. 23 October 1997.
U.N. unveils trimmed-down two-year budget. 22 October 1997.
U.N. focuses on humanitarian aid to stricken Congo. 22 October 1997.
29 states want meeting on Israel-Geneva convention. 22 October 1997.
Turkish Cypriot leader expected to talk with Annan. 21 October 1997.
Annan warns of sanctions if UNITA fails to act. 21 October 1997.
UN's Annan seeks advice from Nobel winners. 17 October 1997.
Annan warns of danger of Greek-Turkish clash. 17 October 1997.
Plans made to celebrate 1899 peace conference. 16 October 1997.
Annan warns of danger of Greek-Turkish clash. 16 October 1997.
Five countries elected to seats on Security Council. 14 October 1997.
U.N. Assembly to fill five Security Council seats. 13 October 1997.
IAEA says most Iraqi nuclear secrets believed bared. 13 October 1997.
U.N. DISCUSSES A WORLD OF ISSUES. 10 October 1997.FEATURE-U.N. hears about bananas, El Nino, end to wars. 10 October 1997.
U.S. to have "strong response" to Iraq arms report. 10 October 1997.
Gibraltar to seek new relationship with Britain. 9 October 1997.
U.N. says Croatia needs to do more in E. Slavonia. 9 October 1997.
Clerides reaffirms plans to deploy S-300 missiles. 6 October 1997.
Israel's U.N. credentials may be challenged again. 3 October 1997.
Saint Lucia joins protest over WTO banana ruling. 3 October 1997.
Australia - condemning rights abuses not enough. 3 October 1997.
Iraq demands immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops. 2 October 1997.
Dominica says Caribbean banana-growers face disaster. 2 October 1997.
Algeria condemns terrorism, silent on own problem. 1 October 1997.
Sierra Leone president appeals to U.N.. 1 October 1997.Libya wants Assembly to intervene in Lockerbie case. 30 September 1997.
U.N. council concerned over spread of Congo conflict. 30 September 1997.
Israel proposes code of conduct to aid peace process. 29 September 1997.
Greece strongly backs EU membership for Cyprus. 26 September 1997.Turkey says Cyprus efforts might soon be crippled. 26 September 1997.
Turkey asks U.N. to bar Cyprus missile deployment. 25 September 1997.
Angolan minister blasts UNITA in General Assembly. 24 September 1997.Kinkel says world cannot ignore Algeria massacres. 24 September 1997.China says Hong Kong thriving since its return. 24 September 1997.Kinkel makes pitch for permanent U.N. council seat. 24 September 1997.Cook: easing Libya ban weakens stands on Israel. 23 September 1997.Iraq wants U.N. to help retrieve planes from Iran. 22 September 1997.Annan urges adoption of U.N. reforms, dues payment. 22 September 1997.Cambodia's U.N. seat stays vacant; ruling put off. 19 September 1997.U.N. general in Georgia ordered to explain ransom. 19 September 1997.Taiwan bid for U.N. seat blocked for fifth year. 17 September 1997.Decision postponed on Cambodian U.N. credentials. 17 September 1997.General Assembly opens with spotlight on reform. 16 September 1997.Italian Americans say U.N. council plan snubs Italy. 16 September 1997.U.N. General Assembly session to focus on reform. 14 September 1997.Annan sees no more Cyprus talks until next year. 12 September 1997.Annan sees no more Cyprus talks until next year. 11 September 1997.Annan sees possible breakthrough on Western Sahara. 11 September 1997.U.N. draft to let Iraq make up oil sales shortfall. 9 September 1997.Bahrain, Brazil, Gabon, Gambia to join U.N. council. 8 September 1997.Annan worried about exclusionary "identity politics". 8 September 1997.U.N. losing patience over delayed massacre probe. 5 September 1997.New W. Sahara talks set for Houston Sept. 14-16. 4 September 1997.U.N. council to hold ministerial meeting on Africa. 3 September 1997.U.N. votes sanctions on Angola's UNITA ex-rebels. 28 August 1997.U.N. readies new sanctions on Angolan ex-rebels. 28 August 1997.U.N. Children's Fund faces cuts in money crunch. 25 August 1997.U.N. COUNCIL DISAPPOINTED OVER LAGGING CYPRUS TALKS. 21 August 1997.U.N. council working on sanctions against UNITA. 21 August 1997.U.N. council disappointed over lagging Cyprus talks. 20 August 1997.Nicaragua denounces China's threats over Taiwan. 29 July 1997.U.N. urged to freeze Bosnia war criminals' assets. 28 July 1997.U.S., China mark 25th year of ping-pong diplomacy. 25 July 1997.Irish President retires Sept 12 to take up U.N. post. 24 July 1997.