Goodman4-Jan 2000-Dec 1999.rtf

Scope and Content

This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
U.N. council's "month of Africa" now to be tested. 31 January 2000.
U.N. force in S. Lebanon renewed another six months. 31 January 2000.
U.N. refuses sanction exemption for Afghan airline. 29 January 2000.
U.S. wants UN peacekeepers made more aware of AIDS. 28 January 2000.
Annan to discuss Chechnya during Moscow visit. 27 January 2000.
Israel hits "malicious" charges by Syria, Lebanon. 27 January 2000.
Lebanon, Syria oppose Jewish group's link with UN. 27 January 2000.
Jewish group's bid for link with U.N. body deferred. 27 January 2000.
Annan to discuss Chechnya, other issues in Moscow. 26 January 2000.
Chechen says Russian troops are sole source of arms. 25 January 2000.
Albright irked by blocking of U.N. Iraq arms chief. 24 January 2000.
Albright seeks to counter Helms's remarks to U.N. 24 January 2000.
Helms extends hand to UN but blasts its main ideas. 21 January 2000.
Helms warns U.N. not to dictate U.S. policy - N.C. senator follows criticism with invitation to strive for friendship and mutual respect. 21 January 2000.
Helms urges new start in rocky U.N.-U.S. relations. 20 January 2000.
Angola's Savimbi said to order downing UN planes. 19 January 2000.
U.N. council told how UNITA downed two U.N. planes. 18 January 2000.
Annan calls Angola's plight "extremely alarming". 17 January 2000.
Divided U.N. council must decide on Iraq arms chief. 17 January 2000.
U.N. and envoy differ over Burundi "regroupment". 14 January 2000.
Annan still undecided on U.N. Iraq arms chief. 14 January 2000.
Globalization a focus for developing world - Annan. 13 January 2000.
U.N. council blasts Bosnia's three-man presidency. 12 January 2000.
Annan says peace 'very fragile' in Sierra Leone. 12 January 2000.
Five countries take seats on U.N. council Jan. 1. 31 December 1999.
Chinese vice-foreign minister to become U.N. envoy. 28 December 1999.
India officials to go to Afghan plane local-source. 27 December 1999.
Annan proposes big increase in U.N. S.Leone force. 27 December 1999.
Taleban says U.N. official to fly to Kandahar. 26 December 1999.
Taleban says U.N. official to fly to Kandahar. 25 December 1999.
Holbrooke to press Israel's admission to UN group. 21 December 1999.
UN probe suggests war crimes tribunal for E.Timor. 21 December 1999.
Holbrooke says Congo peace will be major U.N. test. 20 December 1999.
U.N. says its Cyprus policy remains unchanged. 18 December 1999.
U.N. council wants reports about missing Kuwaitis. 17 December 1999.
U.N. says no change in its policy on Cyprus. 17 December 1999.
U.N. Cyprus force renewed in carefully crafted text. 16 December 1999.
Congo peace called major end-of-century challenge. 16 December 1999.
Vote delayed on draft to end Belgrade's U.N. status. 15 December 1999.
U.N. Cyprus talks adjourned until late January. 15 December 1999.
Annan says new Cyprus talks set for late January. 14 December 1999.
Annan snubs former head of Iraqi arms commission. 14 December 1999.
Further Cyprus talks depend on UN draft-Denktash. 13 December 1999.
Denktash says EU solidifies division of Cyprus. 11 December 1999.
U.N. "proximity talks" on Cyprus to end Tuesday. 10 December 1999.
Denktash gives guarded reaction to EU decisions. 10 December 1999.
Nepalese general to head U.N. Cyprus peace force. 10 December 1999.
Annan steps back into Cyprus "proximity talks". 9 December 1999.
Annan has "frank" talk with Moscow about Chechnya. 8 December 1999.
U.N. raps one side in Cyprus talks for going public. 8 December 1999.