Lincoln College Record 1978-1979

Scope and Content

Volume of the Lincoln College Record, published by the University Press. Editorial mentions the celebrations for the 500th/550th founding anniversary, including a Ball where the Cambridge Footlights performed. Discusses the difficulties in continuing with planned building works due to economic hardships and site incompatibility for the sports field. Mentions that the introduction of female undergraduates has "taken place without fuss", and that they were met with a bunch of flowers in the rooms. Also references an article in The Book Collector by Paul Morgan on the first Icelandic Bible, a copy of which is at Lincoln via Thomas Marshall ("Biblia : það er Øll Heilög Ritning vtlögð a Norraenu", L.4.11 SR K.4). Includes:

  • a brief article by Vivian Green on the treatment of George III by physicians with links to College;
  • a photograph of the newly-created Robert Nairac trophy (the first Lincoln alumnus to be awarded a George Cross) for the best sportsman;
  • two photographs of portraits by Richard Foster of the Rector (Burke Trend) and Sub-Rector (Vivian Green);
  • a photograph of a book of Common Prayer given by Charles II in 1669;
  • a copy of the review from the Oxford Times on the newly-published College history by Vivian Green.

With obituaries for William Henry Horner Andrews by CBBD, Sydney Moody by Frank Ward, Sir Edward Beetham by HG Hanbury, Aubrey Ward Guest by HG Hanbury, Desmond Stanley Hayton-Williams by HG Hanbury, Judge Lionel Jellinek by HG Hanbury, Sir Louis Gluckstein by HG Hanbury, David J Goldberg, Ronald Greenwood by JH Taylor, Corwin D Edwards by Joseph A Brandt, assistant librarian Joan Wynne by Vivian Green, Eugene Vinaver by WF Oakeshott, David M Mitchell (1919), Raymond Bowers, Kenneth Buckland, Philip Bullocke, William Reid Dougal Cuthbertson, Sefton Delmer, Dr Alfred Emden, Charles Focken, Sir John Hathorn Hall, Watson Kirkconnell, David Ingle Luard, James Maclean, Frederick Rex Glanville Phillips, James Riley Taylor, and Guy Jukes Worthington.

50 pages (with photographs).