Photographs of Dublin buildings and locations that feature in the Prologue, Personalia and main text of Le Fanu's Ghost

Scope and Content

A folder containing photographs of buildings and locations in Dublin associated with the Le Fanu and Sheridan families, as well as other Anglo-Irish writers associated with members of the Le Fanu and Sheridan families such as Charles Maturin, Bram Stoker and the Wilde family, taken in 2004 and 2005 during Gavin Selerie's research for Le Fanu's Ghost. Locations are marked on the back of the photographs, but can also be ascertained from lists in small (red) notebooks J, L and M. The folder also contains a list of addresses associated with the Le Fanu and Sheridan families and their contacts and friends, and some photographs of Selerie's cat Clarissa at his flat in London, a photograph of the hallway of his flat, and a photograph of books relating to Le Fanu in his library.