COPY DEED OF COVENANT by William Church to 3 to pay £500 and by James Church to pay £200 ASSIGNMENT by 1 to 4 of the estate of 2 (vested in 1 by a deed of 1734/5, Feb. 13) to hold in trust to the use of 3 COVENANT by 3 to 5, for debts of 2 to be paid by 4

Scope and Content

1. James Church of Bread St., London, merchant, and William
Church of Tunstall, Salop, esq.
2. Thomas Church
3. Charles Yonge and William Botterell of Shrewsbury,
4. Edward Powys of Moreton, Ches., esq.
5. The Creditors of 2 [names given]

Annexed : Schedule of the debts of 2. Recital of his