GIFT of all the lands of Estwode, to be held as Gervase Paganell held them, made at the petition of Roger de Berkel' and Ralph de Sumeri', son of 1, in return for ½ a hide of land which he held in Neup' and for the quitclaim by Guy his brother of 3 hides of land in Cheheleie, which he claimed to hold by royal writ for £4 silver

Scope and Content

1. Hawis Painel
2. Nicholas, son of Michael

Annual Rent : 7s. at Michaelmas

Witnesses : Philip de Berkel', Roger de Haggel', Wandrill' de
Cancell', Oliver de Berkel', Henry de Neup', William son of
William, Simon his brother, William de Trakedon, Matthew de
Canleia, Ralph de Moun, Roger son of Nicholas, William de
Haggel', John de Mesuns, William Hoctun, Richard de Bindel,
William Paganell, Ivone de Stacheden, Alan, clerk, who wrote
the deed