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This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
Denktash raises rabbit incident at Cyprus talks. 8 December 1999.
Annan says W. Sahara vote unlikely before 2002. 7 December 1999.
Denktash protests Cyprus remarks by Greek president. 6 December 1999.
Annan sees Cyprus leaders - talks resume Monday. 3 December 1999.
Turkish Cypriot leader will propose confederation. 2 December 1999.
Annan recommends renewal of U.N. Cyprus force. 2 December 1999.
U.N. opposes U.S. plan for anti-missile defense. 1 December 1999.
U.N. to prepare equipment for 500 Congo observers. 1 December 1999.
U.N. calls on Israel to resume talks with Syria. 1 December 1999.
U.N. says news blackout will blanket Cyprus talks. 30 November 1999.
Arafat outlines "minimum" acceptable peace terms. 29 November 1999.
U.N. draft on Iraq could be voted early December. 27 November 1999.
U.N. draft to seek reports about missing Kuwaitis. 23 November 1999.
Timor clash said partly due to conflicting maps. 23 November 1999.
Greece, Turkey introduce U.N. draft on quake unit. 19 November 1999.
Yugoslavia says its sovereignty violated in Kosovo. 19 November 1999.
No U.N. vote on draft urging executions moratorium. 18 November 1999.
Mid-January target for U.N. peace force in E.Timor. 18 November 1999.
U.S. says some Iraqis get "oil-for-food" kickbacks. 17 November 1999.
Bosnian presidency agrees to set up border service. 15 November 1999.
Annan confirms Cyprus talks to start Dec. 3. 15 November 1999.
Annan announces Cyprus proximity talks Dec 3. 14 November 1999.
Cyprus proximity talks start Dec 3 - Annan. 14 November 1999.
U.N. sanctions against Taleban take effect. 14 November 1999.
Annan says Russia going "far beyond" Chechnya aims. 12 November 1999.
Rwanda wants genocide suspect's release overturned. 12 November 1999.
No agreement in U.N. council to discuss Chechnya. 11 November 1999.
UN demands end to Cuba embargo, Havana to sue US. 10 November 1999.
Palestinian envoy sees statehood by Christmas 2000. 10 November 1999.
U.S. faces annual U.N. roasting over Cuba embargo. 9 November 1999.
CORRECTED - U.N. demands U.S. end Cuba embargo, U.S. unmoved. 9 November 1999.
U.N. adopts draft against U.S. anti-missile defense. 5 November 1999.
U.N. investigator says Kosovo Serbs now targeted. 4 November 1999.
Singapore blasts EU bid for executions moratorium. 3 November 1999.
Five judges elected to 9-year terms on World Court. 3 November 1999.
Downer sees E.Timor troop transfer in early 2000. 2 November 1999.
Annan seeks approval of 500 observers for Congo. 2 November 1999.
Four states seek to end Belgrade's UN status. 1 November 1999.
Both sides approve Peruvian as U.N. Cyprus envoy. 29 October 1999.
Peruvuan diplomat to be Annan's adviser on Cyprus. 29 October 1999.
Annan troubled by Chechnya, sends humanitarian team. 28 October 1999.
U.N. envoy says Bosnia affected by external factors. 27 October 1999.
Annan unveils $2.5 bln UN "starvation diet" budget. 27 October 1999.
UN tells Buchanan - "You couldn't cancel our lease". 26 October 1999.
Portugal, Indonesia exchange barbs over East Timor. 25 October 1999.
U.N. council votes Monday to set up E.Timor force. 22 October 1999.
U.N. council condemns all forms of terrorism. 19 October 1999.
UN sanctions on Taliban to surrender Bin Laden force. 16 October 1999.
U.N. sanctions to make Taleban hand over bin Laden. 15 October 1999.
Chilean diplomat Holger named to U.N. Cyprus post. 13 October 1999.
U.S. seeks U.N. sanctions on Afghan Taleban. 7 October 1999.
Annan wants U.N. to guide E. Timor to independence Proposes military-civilian operation for up to three years. 6 October 1999.
Annan proposes big 2-3 year U.N. E.Timor operation. 5 October 1999.
U.N. council blasts vote in breakaway Georgia area. 4 October 1999.
Ecevit and Annan discusses Cyprus, other issues. 1 October 1999.
Iraqi Kurds seek U.N. probe of chemical weapon. 1 October 1999.
Syria issues new call full Israeli Golan pullback. 1 October 1999.
Israel calls on Syria to resume peace talks. 29 September 1999.
Annan predicts U.N. will one day snub coup leaders. 29 September 1999.
"Peacemakers" taking sides in Afghan conflict - UN. 28 September 1999.
African states well placed to benefit from aid - UN. 28 September 1999.
Annan proposes 6,000-strong U.N. force for S.Leone. 27 September 1999.
Chile decries interference in its legal affairs. 25 September 1999.
North Korea says peninsula becoming new Balkans. 25 September 1999.
Arabs accept Disney assurances on Jerusalem. 24 September 1999.Turkey cites postquake solidarity with Greeks. 24 September 1999.Clerides awaiting U.N. invitation to Cyprus talks. 24 September 1999.
Arafat wants end to settlements, statehood in 2000. 23 September 1999.Alatas regrets death of Dutch reporter in E.Timor. 22 September 1999.Spain complains of Gibraltar as "colonial enclave". 22 September 1999.Algeria rips "humanitarian interference" theory. 22 September 1999.Quakes speed Greece-Turkey cooperation - official. 22 September 1999.Zambian president urges Congo peacekeeping force. 21 September 1999.U.N. quake team to Taiwan, after informing China. 21 September 1999.Israel angry U.N. Mideast envoy has wider mandate. 21 September 1999.U.N. Cyprus appointment said to skid on potatoes. 18 September 1999.KLA chief criticizes U.N. administrator Kouchner. 17 September 1999.U.S. speaks against putting Taiwan on U.N. agenda. 16 September 1999.No combat role for Indonesian troops in E.Timor. 15 September 1999.Three Pacific island states raise U.N. roll to 188. 14 September 1999.New U.N. Assembly opens with reconciliation call. 14 September 1999.Horta says Indonesian troops lay waste to E.Timor. 14 September 1999.Annan sees some peacekeepers in E.Timor by weekend. 14 September 1999.Annan says E. Timor force should be formed quickly. 13 September 1999.U.N. mission urges swift dispatch of E.Timor force. 14 September 1999.Indonesia again rejects peace force for East Timor. 12 September 1999.Indonesia barraged with demands for E.Timor force. 11 September 1999.Annan sees shift in Indonesian position. 11 September 1999.Annan demands Indonesia agree to E.Timor force. 10 September 1999.Denktash says no talks unless his state recognized. 9 September 1999.Prevention can curb disasters and wars, Annan says. 9 September 1999."Why doesn't the U.N. do something about E.Timor?". 9 September 1999.No peace force for E.Timor unless Jakarta agrees. 8 September 1999.Holbrooke emphasizes U.S. commitment to U.N. 7 September 1999.U.N. council mission to press Jakarta on E. Timor. 6 September 1999.U.N. council discusses sending mission to Jakarta. 6 September 1999.East Timor votes 78.5 percent for independence. 4 September 1999.Netherlands envoy is new U.N. council president. 1 September 1999.Annan hails "extraordinary" E.Timor voter turnout. 30 August 1999.