ARTICLES RE MARK PATTISON AT Kitchel Quarry for Middlemarch (U of California Press 1950)

Scope and Content

RJ Harris 'Emilia Francis Strong: Portrait of a Lady'

Nineteenth‑Century Fiction (1953) [2 copies]

VHH Green Hauxwell Church [3 copies]

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DS MacColl 'Rhoda Broughton and Emilia Pattison' The Nineteenth Century (1945)

TF Althaus 'Recollections of Mark Pattison' Temple Bar (1885)

with photograph of the author [2 copies]

Stephen Gwynn 'Mark Pattison' The Cornhill Magazine 1927

Lincoln Election of 1851

Letter of Rev TE Espin to James Thompson 1851 [4 copies]

A Voice from the Uninitiated or the Mysteries of the Lincoln Common Room 1852 [3 copies]

Letter of JL Kettle to Rev TE Espin, 1851 [2 copies]

KA Manley 'Max Muller and the Bodleain Sub‑Librarianship 1865' Library History (1979)

Photocopy of preface to Jo Manton's edition of Memoirs (1969)

Mark Pattison 'On the Aeneid of Virgil' Pall Mall Gazette [photocopy]

RW Church on MP 1884 [photocopy]

HE Platt 'Oxford in the Sixties' Contemporary Review [photocopy]

John Morley on Pattison's Memoirs [photocopy]

FW Hirst 'Early Life and Memoirs of John Morley' (1927):

Chapter on Oxford 1856‑9 [photocopy]

JH Overton 'Lincoln College, Oxford, Thirty Years Ago'

Longman's Magazine (1887)[photocopy]

Ethel Hatch 'Recollections of Mark Pattison' Lincoln College

Record 1965‑6

AH Sayce Reminiscences (1923) [photocopy of extracts]

Andrew Lang Old Friends ‑ Essays in Epistolary Parody

(1890) [photocopy]