EXEMPLIFICATION of case between 1. Robert Chamberleyn, esq., and 2. Lincoln College, concerning the manors of Pettesho and Eckney [excepting 120 a. pasture in Pettesho and 30 a. pasture in Eckney]. -Statement by 1 of the gift of the manors by Alfred Cornburgh, Richard Danvers, esqs., Nicholas Statham and William Collowe, to Richard Chamberleyn, esq. and Sibille Fowler, and that the manors should have descended via Edward, Loenard and Francis, male heirs of Richard. -Statement by 2 that Sibille, great-great-grandmother of 1, quitclaimed the manors to Richard Lyster and others, by deed of 1519, May 5. -Statement by 1 of a Recovery dated 1471, June 12, suffered by Richard Chamberlain against Danvers, Cornburgh, Statham and Collowe, before the marriage of Richard and Sibille, and that the manors were held in fee tail. -Statement by 2 that before the quitclaim by Sibille, a recovery was suffered by Nicholas Evan and Thomas Harropp, clerks, against Edward Chamberleyn, and Evan and Harropp enfeoffed Richard Lyster and others. -Case decided in favour of Lincoln College, 1595, Michaelmas Term

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