W Garstang

Scope and Content

Offprints of the following papers by Walter Garstang:

'Contributions to Marine Bionomics.' Journal Marine Biological Association, N. S. Vol. IV, No. 4 (March 1897) (LC/MS/PP/GG/1)

'Report on the Surface Drift of the English Channel and neighbouring Seas during 1897.' Journal of the Marine Biological Association, N. S., Vol. V, No. 2 (April 1898) (LC/MS/PP/GG/2)

'The Variation, Races and Migrations of the Mackerel ( Scomber scomber).' Journal of the Marine Biological Assoc, New Series - Vol. V, No. 3 (November 1898) (LC/MS/PP/GG/3)

'Songs of the Birds', The  Naturalist (June 1919) (LC/MS/PP/GG/4). This item is a book of poetry which attempts to replicate birdsong.

The Return to Oxford: A Memorial Lay (February 1919) (LC/MS/PP/G/5). This item consists of a long poem celebrating Oxford.

'Modifications of Structure in Decapod Crustacea.', The Quarterly Journal of Miscroscopical Science (undated) (LC/MS/PP/G/5)

Publications of Walter Garstang (1933) (LC/MS/PP/G/5). Enclosed in this paper is a letter from Garstang to J. A. R. Munro, Rector of Lincoln College dated 5 April 1934 enclosing this bibliography.