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Scope and Content

This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
Arabs seek ban on Israeli groups over settlements. 5 April 1997.
U.N. council raps Libya for sanctions-busting flight. 4 April 1997.
Israel says U.N. Mideast session would be "sterile". 2 April 1997.
Former Secretary Baker blasts U.S. Mideast vetoes. 2 April 1997.
U.N. Angola force renewed only until April 16. 1 April 1997.
France sees no tragedy if U.N. moves out of the U.S. 1 April 1997.
U.N. Liberia mission renewed to help with elections. 27 March 1997.
U.N. weapons envoy Ekeus to visit Baghdad next week. 26 March 1997.
Arab group seeks emergency U.N. assembly session. 26 March 1997.
U.N. challenges some new diplomatic parking rules. 26 March 1997.
Only two-week renwal proposed for U.N. Angola force. 26 March 1997.
U.S. vetoes Jerusalem resolution for second time. 22 March 1997.
U.S. to veto Jerusalem resolution for second time. 21 March 1997.
Annan irked at delay over Angola unity government. 20 March 1997.
U.N. council mulls request for meeting on Jerusalem. 20 March 1997.
James Baker named U.N. envoy for Western Sahara. 17 March 1997.
U.N. sanctions against Libya unchanged after review. 14 March 1997.
U.N. urges Israel to stop new housing in E.Jerusalem. 13 March 1997.
Morocco to U.N. - don't change W.Sahara peace plan. 13 March 1997.
U.N. set to condemn Israeli building in E.Jerusalem. 13 March 1997.
PLO urges U.N. Assembly to denounce Israel actions. 12 March 1997.
E. Timor leader says only Suharto blocks change. 12 March 1997.
U.N. diplomats to lose immunity from parking fines. 10 March 1997.
Arabs seek U.N. Assembly session after U.S. veto. 8 March 1997.
U.S. vetoes draft on Israeli building in E.Jerusalem. 8 March 1997.
First food shipments delayed again; Iraq complains. 7 March 1997.
Only .007% of world's water said usable by humans. 7 March 1997.
Iraq again complains over delay in food deliveries. 7 March 1997.
U.N. council ends Jerusalem debate; considers draft. 6 March 1997.
Israel under fire at U.N. for E.Jerusalem building. 6 March 1997.
Arafat tells U.N. council Israel harms peace process. 5 March 1997.
U.N. begins debate Tuesday on Israel building plan. 3 March 1997.
U.N. council discusses possible Sudan air embargo. 1 March 1997.
U.N. rethinking stalled Western Sahara operation. 28 February 1997.
Arab group calls for Security Council meeting. 27 February 1997.
U.N. renews Angola peace force for only a month. 27 February 1997.
Mediator calls for halt to fighting in E. Zaire. 26 February 1997.
U.N. report lists effects of air embargo on Sudan. 23 February 1997.
U.N. report weighs effects of air embargo on Sudan. 22 February 1997.
PLO to lobby at U.N against Israeli building plan. 19 February 1997.
New American U.N. envoy Richardson takes up post. 18 February 1997.
Annan proposes brief renewal of U.N. Angola force. 10 February 1997.
U.S. denies Iran "disinformation" about secret talks. 8 February 1997.
Turkish Cypriot speaks against Cyprus missile deal. 5 February 1997.
U.N. council reprimands Libya on violating air ban. 29 January 1997.
U.N. chief seeks Cyprus settlement this year. 28 January 1997.
U.N. council working on Libya censure statement. 27 January 1997.
Briton, Frenchman to be named to senior U.N. posts. 27 January 1997.
Lebed calls for new elections in Russia. 22 January 1997.
UN-OAU envoy named to tackle Central Africa crises. 22 January 1997.
Algerian to be UN-OAU Central Africa envoy. 21 January 1997.
Two letter bombs at U.N. addressed to Arab paper. 14 January 1997.
Letter bombs only latest U.N. security scare. 14 January 1997.
Two letter bombs found at United Nations. 13 January 1997.
Letter bomb addressed to Arabic paper found at U.N.. 13 January 1997.
Letter bomb found at U.N. addressed to Arabic paper. 13 January 1997.
Chinese U.N. dragon breathes fire over Taiwan. 11 January 1997.
Annan warns against escalating tensions on Cyprus. 10 January 1997.
UN told of violence between diplomats, NY police. 9 January 1997.
Russian, Belarus diplomats deny N.Y. police charges. 7 January 1997.
U.N. censures Iraq for blocking missile engine probe. 30 December 1996.
U.N. renews Cyprus force; looks to new negotiations. 23 December 1996.
U.N. chief urges direct talks by Cypriot leaders. 19 December 1996.
U.N. believes Iraq still has "missile force". 18 December 1996.New U.N. chief calls for a leaner world body. 18 December 1996.Boutros-Ghali stepping down like deposed monarch. [CORRECTED 19:11 GMT] 17 December 1996.
Ghana's Kofi Annan sworn in as new U.N. chief. 17 December 1996.Annan appointed U.N. secretary-general from Jan 1. 17 December 1996.Kofi Annan of Ghana is next U.N. secretary-general. 14 December 1996.Ghana diplomat Kofi Annan to be next U.N. chief. 13 December 1996.Annan wins unofficial poll for U.N. secretary-general. 13 December 1996.France seen dropping opposition to Annan in UN job. 13 December 1996.France under pressure to drop veto against Annan. 13 December 1996.Ghana's Annan leads U.N. race but France blocks him. 12 December 1996.U.N. approves final renewal of Angola peace force. 12 December 1996.Ghana's Annan leads U.N. race but France blocks him. 11 December 1996.U.N. race highlights language stakes. 11 December 1996.U.N. cites worst violence in Cyprus since 1974. 10 December 1996.Informal balloting on candidates for top U.N. post. 10 December 1996.Iraqi oil to flow for first time since Gulf war. 10 December 1996.U.N. authorizes start of Iraq oil-for-food deal. 9 December 1996.U.N. authorizes start of Iraq oil-for-food deal. 9 December 1996.U.N. approves start of oil-for-food deal with Iraq. 9 December 1996.U.N. demands Iraqi cooperation over missile engines. 6 December 1996.Iraqi U.N. envoy hopes U.S. policy will change. 5 December 1996.U.N.'s Ekeus to check on missiles during Iraq trip. 4 December 1996.U.S. details movement of Iraqi oil in Iranian waters. 4 December 1996.OAU allows other Africans to seek UN top post. 3 December 1996.OAU opens way for other Africans to seek UN post. 2 December 1996.OAU opens way for Africans to seek top UN post. 2 December 1996.Prospects grow for an international criminal court. 29 November 1996.U.N. council renews deadlocked W. Sahara operation. 27 November 1996.General Assembly adopts Libyan draft aimed at U.S.. 27 November 1996.Iraq opens way for oil-food deal; U.S. approves. 25 November 1996.Iraq says "oil-for-food" deal can now go ahead. 25 November 1996.Iraq says way is clear for "oil-for-food" deal. 25 November 1996.Ted Turner blasts U.S. veto, rival Murdoch. 22 November 1996.UN chief says TV news needs more analysis. 21 November 1996.U.N. council delays decision on Sudan air embargo. 21 November 1996.