QUITCLAIM of m. and adjacent curtilage called Barettes in the suburb without the N gate, p. St. Mary Magdalen, between tmts. which once belonged to William de Bampton; also of rent of 11d. from adjacent m., of 4½d. from 2 a. arable land in Walton. which once belonged to Thomas de Bampton, all of which John Plomer of Oxford recently had from John Langrissh, husband of 1

Scope and Content

1. Isabel, daughter of John le Peyntour of Oxford, and widow
of John Langrissh of Oxford
2. John le Noble of Oxford, butcher

Witnesses : William Codeshale, mayor of Oxford, Thomas Baret
and Thomas Lardener, bailiffs of the same, John Gibbes,
William Northerne, William Dagville, Reginald Westonere, John
de Gretton, William de Chiselhampton, Robert Deye

Dated at Oxford