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Scope and Content

This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
U.N. council to call Wednesday for Yemen cease-fire. 1 June 1994.
Six Arab states request U.N. council meeting on Yemen. 28 May 1994.
Three-month renewal urged for U.N. Angola mission. 27 May 1994.
Arab League ready to cooperate with U.N. on Yemen. 27 May 1994.
U.N. council ends arms embargo against South Africa. 26 May 1994.
South Africa calls for African nuclear-free zone. 25 May 1994.
U.N. council to lift arms ban against South Africa. 24 May 1994.
Peres wants controversial Arafat comments clarified. 23 May 1994.
U.N. council reviews step towards peace in Liberia. 20 May 1994.
U.N. again reviews Iraqi sanctions; no change seen. 17 May 1994.
U.N. proposes redefining idea of Bosnia safe areas. 12 May 1994.
Did China signal opposition to N. Korea sanctions? 6 May 1994.
U.N. chief rules out Georgia peace force, for now. 5 May 1994.
Boutros-Ghali tells U.N. Bosnia officials to shut up. 2 May 1994.
U.N. won't abandon Cyprus confidence-building plan. 2 May 1994.
U.N. chief proposes force to halt Rwanda massacres. 30 April 1994.
Iraq's Tareq Aziz to visit New York next month. 29 April 1994.
Islamic ministers urge lifting of arms ban on Bosnia. 28 April 1994.
South Africa's new flag at United Nations. 27 April 1994.
Iran urges Islamic volunteer corps for Bosnia. 27 April 1994.
Islamic ministers urge lifting of arms ban on Bosnia. 27 April 1994.
Albright lashes U.N.'s Akashi for criticizing U.S.. 26 April 1994.
U.N. aide says Bosnian Serb not a "normal general". 25 April 1994.
Mayor of Gorazde wants air strikes to start at once. 22 April 1994.
U.N. mission in Liberia renewed, subject to reviews. 21 April 1994.
Bosnia calls on U.N. to halt "slaughter of innocents". 21 April 1994.
Islamic group to press for end to Bosnia arms ban. 20 April 1994.
Rights body says Rwanda death toll may be 100,000. 19 April 1994.
Bosnian Serbs make U.N. seem latter-day King Canute. 18 April 1994.
U.N. council condemns Bosnian Serb escalation. 18 April 1994.
Bosnian leader in tense encounter with Boutros-Ghali. 18 April 1994.
Boutros - Ghali asks NATO for broader use of air power. 18 April 1994.
U.N. council says Rwanda ceasefire is priority. 16 April 1994.
U.N. council issues low-key statement on Gorazde. 16 April 1994.
28,000 troops offered as possible U.N. peacekeepers. 14 April 1994.
U.N. says Rwanda cease-fire talks agreed. 14 April 1994.
Boutros-Ghali planning possible U.N. Rwanda pullout. 13 April 1994.
U.N. council wants Cyprus accord by end of month. 12 April 1994.
U.N. force not equipped to deal with Rwanda crisis. 10 April 1994.
U.N. reports accord on Rwanda cease-fire, government. 9 April 1994.
U.N. council briefed on Rwanda, takes no decisions. 9 April 1994.
U.N. sets four-week deadline for Cyprus deal. 8 April 1994.
U.N. council demands halt to attacks on Gorazde. 7 April 1994.
U.N. condemns car bomb attack in northern Israel. 7 April 1994.
UN concerned over attacks on foreigners in N. Iraq. 6 April 1994.
U.N. to press for Cyprus confidence measures. 5 April 1994.
UN urges North Korea to allow nuclear inspection. 1 April 1994.
China said to propose U.N. statement on N. Korea. 30 March 1994.
N.Y. mayor sees "real problems" if Waldheim visited. 30 March 1994.
China proposes mild U.N. statement on North Korea. 30 March 1994.
Five judges elected to World Court. 11 November 1993.
Greece sets conditions for Macedonia talks. 5 November 1993.
Iraqis to hold talks at U.N. on arms and sanctions. 3 November 1993.
U.N. calls for end to U.S. embargo against Cuba. 3 November 1993.
U.N. chief proposes renewal of Mozambique operation. 3 November 1993.
U.N. calls on N. Korea to comply with nuclear treaty. 2 November 1993.
U.N. cameras at N. Korea atomic sites out of film. 1 November 1993.
Aristide's mention of Taiwan called faux pas. 29 October 1993.
Israel's U.N. credentials go unchallenged. 29 October 1993.Israeli U.N. credentials accepted, no challenge. 29 October 1993.
Five new Security Council members elected. 29 October 1993.Israeli U.N. credentials accepted without challenge. 29 October 1993.
Aristide at U.N. as Haiti struggle continues. 28 October 1993.Morocco-Polisario talks on W. Sahara collapse. 27 October 1993.Venezuelan appointed U.N. war crimes prosecutor. 22 October 1993.Venezuelan prosecutor gets key U.N. war crimes post. 22 October 1993.
U.N. reports big tank imports by Greece and Turkey. 20 October 1993.U.N. probe says rape as war policy not yet proved. 18 October 1993.U.N. vote on Haiti naval embargo set for Saturday. 16 October 1993.U.N. Council clamps naval blockade on Haiti. 16 October 1993.U.S. seeks Haiti resolution to interdict shipping. 15 October 1993.U.N. Security Council reimposes sanctions on Haiti. 14 October 1993.China praises Confucius but plaque remains in cellar. 14 October 1993.U.N. doesn't see Haiti becoming a new Somalia. 11 October 1993.U.N. ends economic sanctions against South Africa. 8 October 1993.U.N. Assembly to lift sanctions against S. Africa. 7 October 1993.Izetbegovic says Bosnia is being 'vivisected'. 7 October 1993.Jordan says Mideast peace must be comprehensive. 6 October 1993.U.S. pays U.N. $533 million but still owes more. 6 October 1993.Talks on limited Iraqi oil sales failed, says U.N.. 6 October 1993.Clerides urges concerted action on Cyprus problem. 5 October 1993.Jordan says Mideast peace must be comprehensive. 5 October 1993.Turkey eyes semi-permanent U.N. council seat. 1 October 1993.Venezuela says illegal mining destroying Amazonia. 1 October 1993.Malaysian prime minister blasts West. 1 October 1993.Bangladesh wants synthetic fibre production halted. 1 October 1993.Turkey eyes semi-permanent U.N. council seat. 30 September 1993.Pakistan, India hammer away over Kashmir. 30 September 1993.No agreement on nominee for war crimes prosecutor. 29 September 1993.China lashes U.S. as "self-styled 'world cop'". 29 September 1993.EC to lift economic sanctions against South Africa. 28 September 1993.De Klerk doesn't see rush to invest in S. Africa. 24 September 1993.Mandela urges lifting of economic sanctions. 24 September 1993.U.N. recommends 1,650-member force for Haiti. 23 September 1993.U.N. approves police and military force for Haiti. 23 September 1993.Move aimed at U.N. membership for Taiwan defeated. 22 September 1993.U.N. council sets up observer mission for Liberia. 22 September 1993.U.N. needed for aid to Palestinians - U.N. Chief. 21 September 1993.U.N. Assembly opens new session in financial crisis. 21 September 1993.UN Assembly session seeks change of direction. 19 September 1993.