High Street Development: Stone Cills , Fire Escape and Staircases

Scope and Content

Possibly formerly part of records described as ‘Various Plans’ and dated ‘1929-1960’. Miscellaneous plans prepared by Lee and Ross, Architects, 16 King Edward Street, Oxford, OX1 4HT.
Drawing LC/CB/1/19/1, dated October 1994, numbered LCO/277 at scale 1:10 and labelled 'Stone Cills Type A ST21/22' includes details of SP-1 (Central Window), SP-3 (Internal Corner, around 45 degree bays) and SP-4 (External Corner, around 45 degree bays).
Drawing LC/CB/1/19/2, dated October 1994, numbered LCO/155 at scale 1:200 and labelled 'Liberty Temporary Rear Fire Escape' shows one plan.
Drawing LC/CB/1/19/3, dated October 1992 and also date stamped 23 March 1994, numbered LCO/200 at scale 1:50 and labelled 'Staircases 18-22 Basement Plan' shows one plan and includes revisions to March 1994. Has various manuscript calculations and additions.