GIFT of m., upper room and cellar in p. St. Aldate, between land of the Prior and convent of St. Fridesyde to both sides. Also of shop situated at the E corner of All Saints Church, between land of 2 to the N and of Philip de Ew to the E

Scope and Content

1. Margery, widow of Oliver le Seinter, late burgess of
2. William de Burcestre of Oxford

Witnesses : John de Dokelingtone, mayor of Oxford, Walter de
Wycombe and William de Pennarth, bailiffs of the same, Andrew
de Pyrie, Philip de Ew, Thomas de Henxeye, Richard le Spicer,
John de Coleshull, John de Hakeburn, John de Hampton, Richard
de Morton, Thomas de Morton, Thomas, clerk

Dated at Oxford