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This document comprises the following articles by Anthony Goodman:
Iraq "oil-for-food" revenue seen rising to $3.7 bln. 3 May 1999.
Americans indicted for 1986 raid, Libya tells U.N. 29 April 1999.
Portugal-Indonesia E. Timor accord not ready yet. 23 April 1999.
Ramos-Horta urges arms embargo against Indonesia. 23 April 1999.
Annan says E.Timor accord vital to talks. 22 April 1999.
Portugal hopes Indonesia controls E.Timor violence. 22 April 1999.
U.N. special Cyprus envoy Cordovez resigns. 22 April 1999.
Annan set to name envoy on Balkan crisis. 22 April 1999.
Portugal, Indonesia meet at UN on E.Timor. 22 April 1999.
Annan invited to Moscow to discuss Kosovo crisis. 19 April 1999.
Yugoslavia rejects UN chief's peace proposal. 17 April 1999.
RUSSIA SNUBS TALKS. 17 April 1999.
Yugoslavia rejects U.N. chief's peace proposal. 16 April 1999.
Russian U.N. envoy skips UNSCOM discussion. 15 April 1999.
U.N. mediator returning to Ethiopia, Eritrea. 13 April 1999.
Russian U.N. envoy presses verbal attack on UNSCOM. 9 April 1999.
U.S. agrees to meeting with Libyan U.N. envoy. 8 April 1999.
Russia stresses U.N., not NATO, in lead on refugees. 7 April 1999.
Yugoslavia tells Annan - Act to halt NATO raids. 5 April 1999.
FOCUS-Annan blasts "shocking violations" by Serbs. 6 April 1999.
Canada has conditions for any G8 meeting on Kosovo. 2 April 1999.
Israel says Arabs scrapped 1947 resolution. 31 March 1999.
U.N. council approves Rwanda genocide probe. 26 March 1999.
U.N. council crushes Russian bid to halt air raids. 26 March 1999.
Yugoslav envoy compares NATO to fascist Italy. 25 March 1999.
Palestinian envoy queries Israel's pre-1967 borders. 25 March 1999.
U.N. chief Annan chides both Yugoslavia and NATO. 24 March 1999.
Yugoslav envoy criticises U.N. council, Annan. 24 March 1999.
World population seen at 9 bln by 2050. 23 March 1999.
World population seen at 9 bln by 2050. 23 March 1999.
China against international court to try Khmer Rouge. 19 March 1999.
UN will not send US, British staff to Afghanistan. 18 March 1999.
U.N. body abandons Iraqi pilgrims plan. 17 March 1999.
U.N. expected to drop Iraq oil flow requirement. 12 March 1999.
Put a muzzle on dog costs, say U.N. diplomats. 12 March 1999.
U.N. renews observer group in war-torn Sierra Leone. 11 March 1999.
N. Korea raises alleged U.S. use of germ weapons. 9 March 1999.
How much is that doggie at the U.N? $150,000. 9 March 1999,
Hillary Clinton blasts Taleban, trafficking in women. 5 March 1999.
Oil flowing again through Iraq-Turkey pipeline. 4 March 1999.
China calls for halt to air strikes against Iraq. 3 March 1999.
U.N. official urges upgrading of Iraqi oil industry. 25 February 1999.
China vetoes renewal of U.N. force in Macedonia. 25 February 1999.
China to veto renewal of U.N. force in Macedonia. 24 February 1999.
U.N. Iraq disarmament panel holds first meeting. 23 February 1999.
U.N. says Iraq delaying distribution of medicines. 23 February 1999.
U.S. and Britain clash with Iraq in U.N. council. 23 February 1999.
Annan recommends renewal of U.N. Macedonia force. 19 February 1999.
Libya has questions about Annan letter on Lockerbie. 19 February 1999.
Annan letter to Libya aims to speed Lockerbie trial. 17 February 1999.
Three panels to advise U.N. council on Iraq policy. 13 February 1999.
New U.N. arms panel includes UNSCOM veterans. 13 February 1999.
U.N. report details atrocities in Sierra Leone. 12 February 1999.
UN to announce panels soon on dealings with Iraq. 11 February 1999.
U.N. wants Geneva convention enforced on Israel. 10 February 1999.
U.N. council demands Ethiopia, Eritrea end fighting. 10 February 1999.
Palestinians seek Geneva Convention parley in April. 5 February 1999.
Israel opposes bid for Geneva Convention parley. 4 February 1999.
Independence proposal to figure in E. Timor talks. 4 February 1999.
U.N. council urges Haiti leaders to speed elections. 3 February 1999.
Emergency U.N. session set on Israeli settlements. 3 February 1999.
U.N. council defers Yugoslav request for a meeting. 2 February 1999.
U.N. council tries to avert new Eritrea-Ethiopia war. 29 January 1999.
Sierra Leone fighting called "regional conflict". 29 January 1999.U.N. talks on East Timor still focus on autonomy. 28 January 1999.U.N. KEEPING IRAQ WEAPONS REPORT SECRET. 27 January 1999.U.N. to circulate Iraq report Russia wanted buried. 27 January 1999.U.N. IRAQ ARMS REPORT BEING KEPT UNDER WRAPS. 27 January 1999.U.N. Iraq weapons report being kept under wraps. 26 January 1999.U.N. atom agency's advice on Iraq arms inspections. 23 January 1999.U.N. council discusses moves on Iraqi disarmament. 22 January 1999.Tonga soon expected to become 186th U.N. member. 21 January 1999.U.N. council again calls for Afghanistan ceasefire. 21 January 1999.U.N. reaffirms sovereignty of Kuwait, Iraq. 15 January 1999.U.S. questions elements of French paper on Iraq. 14 January 1999.UNSCOM has archive of Iraqi weapons secrets. 13 January 1999.Arabs plan new U.N. session on Israeli settlements. 13 January 1999.U.N. set to condemn downing of planes in Angola. 12 January 1999.U.N. council threatens UNITA with communication ban. 12 January 1999.Annan recommends renewing Sierra Leone unit. 8 January 1999.U.N. demands Sierra Leone rebels lay down arms. 8 January 1999.U.N. confirms its U-2 flights over Iraq have halted. 6 January 1999.U.N. corridors buzz over Iraq "spy" intrigue. 6 January 1999.Butler, U.N. deny Iraq weapons teams were spying. 6 January 1999.U.N. council blasts UNITA for Angola peace breakdown. 23 December 1998.U.N. council concerned over Sierra Leone fighting. 23 December 1998.U.N. council told of missing Dutch troop carriers. 23 December 1998.U.N. council renews Cyprus peacekeeping force. 23 December 1998.Butler rejects talk of resignation as "red herring". 22 December 1998.Annan still hopeful about Lockerbie bombing trial. 21 December 1998.U.S., Britain warn Libya of more Lockerbie sanctions. 21 December 1998.4,000 said killed, hurt by Sierra Leone rebels. 18 December 1998.Annan runs out of diplomatic options over Iraq. 17 December 1998.Russia, China, Iraq call for halt to US air strikes. 17 December 1998.Annan concerned over fighting in central Angola. 17 December 1998.Annan says U.S. advised withdrawal of UNSCOM staff. 16 December 1998.Annan upbeat about Cyprus tension talks. 15 December 1998.U.N. council weighing permission for Sudan meeting. 11 December 1998.Annan said to work well with Butler despite barbs. 10 December 1998.