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Document comprising articles entitled:
‘Galloway was in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents’ by David Blair. 22 April 2003.
‘Galloway hails fall of dictator’ by George Jones. 11 April 2003.
‘I will fight to stay in party, says Galloway’ by Toby Helm. 7 April 2003.
‘Galloway denies treachery over call to soldiers’ by George Jones. 2 April 2003.
‘The documents: contacts, money, oil and the need for anonymity’, which provides the text of a letter of 3 January 2000 from the Chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service to Saddam Hussein, which ‘contains what it says are details of George Galloway MP's financial dealings with the regime and his contacts with Iraqi agents,’ and a letter of 5 February from Tariq Aziz that circulates George Galloway’s work programme during 2000. 22 April 2003.
‘How I found the papers in a looted foreign ministry office’ by David Blair in Baghdad. 22 April 2003.
‘Letter asking for money 'is a forgery'’ by Andrew Sparrow. 22 April 2003.
‘Loyal Ba'athist 'supplied Saddam with weapons'’ by David Blair in Baghdad. 22 April 2003.
‘Revealed, the letters that many might wish to forget’ by David Blair in Baghdad. 22 April 2003.
‘Billions poured through holes in sanctions’ by Anton La Guardia. 22 April 2003.
‘Gorgeous George, the Member for Baghdad Central’ by Andrew Sparrow. 22 April 2003.
Reuters article entitled ‘British Labor MP Galloway to sue over Iraqi payoff report.’ 22 April 2003.
‘George Galloway's full statement’, concerning the Daily Telegraph story alleging that he was in the pay of Saddam Hussein. 22 April 2003.
‘MP stunned at actor's outburst’, regarding John Malkovich’s comments concerning George Galloway. 4 May 2002.
‘MP seeks Israeli boycott: Israel has launched a major military offensive’, concerning George Galloway. 4 April 2002.
‘Memo from Saddam: We can't afford to pay Galloway more’ by David Blair in Baghdad. 23 April 2003.
‘The questions Galloway must answer’ by Anton La Guardia. 23 April 2003.
‘Galloway: Fun to work for, but his paper was a shambles’ by Saeed Shah. 23 April 2003.
‘Dates do not tally and signature is illegible’ by Dominic Kennedy. 23 April 2003.
‘Blair fury at Galloway attack.’ 18 April 2003.
‘George Galloway MP: Transcript of a speech given at the 28th September Don’t Attack Iraq/Freedom for Palestine demonstration in London.’ 28 September [2002?]
‘Key figure in Galloway affair was held by secret service for 30 days’ by Cameron Simpson, Iain Wilson and William Tinning. nd [c. 2003]
‘The bolt-hole: 'Modest' house with a sea view worth £250,000,’ concerning George Galloway’s house, by David Sharrock. 23 April 2003.
‘Havana paddy ... cigar-loving Galloway ignored Sun at hideaway yesterday’ by Neil Syson and Trevor Kavanagh. 22 April 2003.
‘Saddam 'KO'd cash plea'’ by Nic Cecil. 2003.
‘The best place to test the truth about these allegations is a courtroom,’ concerning George Galloway. 23 April 2003.
‘How the evidence stacks up: A discovery in Baghdad, what it contained and what it might lead to,’ regarding documents allegedly found in Iraq's foreign ministry concerning George Galloway, by Owen Bowcott and Clare Dyer. 23 April 2003.
‘How Saddam tried to cover up Galloway's links with regime’ by David Blair. 24 April 2003.
‘Galloway lists assets in fight against media claims’ by Christopher Adams and Jimmy Burns. 23 April 2003.
‘Galloway rejects claims over assets: Mr Galloway has instructed solicitors’ by Charles Moore. 23 April 2003.
‘Revealed: How oil-for-food reaped a web of contracts for Zureikat’ by Paul Peachey and Marie Woolf. 24 April 2003.
‘Sickening ... Galloway presents Saddam with pennant in Baghdad in 1994’ by Trevor Kavanagh. 24 April 2003.
‘Life of outrage: Rant ... at anti-war demo in London last month,’ concerning George Galloway, by David Wooding. nd [c. 2003].
‘Documents indicate payments of more than $10 million for support of Labour Party official,’ concerning George Galloway, by Philip Smucker. 25 April 2003.
‘Galloway in £6m riddle: Meet and greet ... Galloway faces the press in Algarve’ by Justin Penrose. 25 April 2003.
‘Galloway's a crook - how convenient: These dramatic revelations come just when Britain needs an outspoken voice of dissent more than ever’ by Scott Ritter. 25 April 2003.
‘This is genuine, says Saddam's ex-aide: Nicole Martin shows a confidential handwritten memo found in the rubble of the looted Iraqi foreign ministry to the man who used to arrange the dictator's schedule.’ This article is an interview with Haitham Rashid Wihaib concerning documents found by The Daily Telegraph that they believe prove George Galloway received substantial payments from the Iraqi regime. 24 April 2003.
‘The damning of Gorgeous George: In a burning Baghdad building a journalist finds 'proof' that the Labour MP and Saddam apologist was in the pay of the Iraqi regime. Andy McSmith pieces together the full extraordinary story and asks: was he or wasn't he?’ by Andy McSmith. 27 April 2003.
‘GALLOWAY'S WIFE TALKS TO THE MIRROR’ by Ruki Sayid. 25 April 2003.
‘His associates sold interview with Saddam 'for £500,000',’ concerning George Galloway, by Sean O'Neill. 26 April 2003.
‘British Labour MP George Galloway tells Al Bawaba Arab movement mobilizing for his defense.’ 29 April 2003.
‘Galloway appeals for libel battle donations’ by Kevin Maguire. 30 April 2003.
‘ABC, CBS, NBC Featured A Bribed British Leftist Lawmaker, But Now There’s Nothing But Silence: Where’s the Media on Saddam’s Payoffs?’ by Tim Graham. 30 April 2003[?]
‘Galloway suspended by Labour Party: Mr Galloway describing the suspension as "completely unjust" and "prejudicial" to his libel action against the Daily Telegraph.’ 6 May 2003.
‘What goes around, comes around, George’ by John Ware. 27 April 2003.
‘I was in Iraq on day alleged in memos, admits Galloway’ by Sally Pook. 18 June 2003.
‘No, Mr Galloway, you're not in the clear yet’ by Charles Moore, Editor of The Daily Telegraph. 21 June 2003.
‘Galloway rejects apology over newspaper claims’ by Alison Hardie. 21 June 2003.
‘Galloway launches Telegraph action’ by Ciar Byrne. 27 June 2003.