WM Ramsay

Scope and Content

Offprints of the following papers by William M. Ramsay:

'Syro-Cappadocian Monuments in Asia Minor', Mittheilungen des K. Deutschen arch. Instituts, XIV (1889) (LC/MS/PP/RA/1)

' ColoniaNiniva ou Ninica?', Revue numismatique (1894) (LC/MS/PP/RA/2)

'Are There Two Lucan Texts of Acts?',  The Expositor, Vol. VI (1897) (LC/MS/PP/RA/3)

'Deux Jours en Phrygie', Revue des études anciennes, Tome III, No. 3 (July-September 1901) (LC/MS/PP/RA/4). Inserted into this booklet is a sheet with an article by Ramsay entitled 'Note sur le sarcophage d'Ambar-Arasi', which may be an offprint from a separate volume

'Report Presented to the Wilson Trustees, Part II', Revue des études anciennes (1902) (LC/MS/PP/RA/5). This paper is entitled 'Deux jours en Phrygie.' on its first page

'Cilicia, Tarsus, and the Great Taurus Pass.', Geographical Journal (October 1903) (LC/MS/PP/RA/6)

'The Meeting of Horace and Virgil', Transactions of the Franco-Scottish Society  (Scottish Branch) (LC/MS/PP/RA/7)

'Notes and Inscriptions from Asia Minor.', American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. II, Nos. 1 and 2 (LC/MS/PP/RA/8)

The Social Basis of Roman Power in Asia Minor, Aberdeen University Press (1941) (LC/MS/PP/RA/9)

'Laodiceia Combusta and Sinethandos', Athen. Mittheilung, XIII (LC/MS/PP/RA/10)

'The Carnegie Trust for the Scottish Universities.', The Contemporary Review (LC/MS/PP/RA/11). On the reverse of the last page of this offprint is the first page of an article entitled 'The Raising of Lazarus.'; this may be the start of the next article in this publication. (LC/MS/PP/RA/11).