Lincoln College Record 1994-1995

Scope and Content

Volume of the Lincoln College Record. Editorial discusses the arrival of the new Rector (Eric Anderson) and that this is a 'bumper' year, with a number of special features. There are a number of grammar errors in the issue.

Also includes:

  • full list of Fellows, with photographs of Dominic Joyce and Roland Smith;
  • a brief piece from new Rector Eric Anderson on his relationship with his predecessors;
  • photograph of Rector Anderson, his wife, the Berrow Scholars, and the Marquis de Amodio;
  • a 'roll of honour 1939-1945' in honour of the anniversary of VE Day;
  • 'Lincoln in the Munro Years: A daughter's tale', an account by Katherine Macdonald (née Munro) on her memories of her father's Rectorship (with a photograph of a painting of the family by Kenneth Green);
  • '40 Years of Odd Jobs in College', a series of short pieces by Donald Whitton on developments in College buildings during his time (with photographs of All Saints before its conversion, archaeological excavations of the church, and the author inspecting the new High Street development);
  • a short piece by Vivian Green on a dream he had about the Junior Library;
  • 'The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 1994: what it felt like', a short piece by Susan Greenfield on her experience giving the 1994 lecture;
  • the 1994 Matriculation photograph;
  • a piece by Alaigne de Pinson on the history of the Imp magazine (with sketch from first edition and photograph of author);
  • a piece by Denis Hills on his arrest under Idi Amin in Uganda (with photograph of author);
  • 'A Day in Provence', a piece by Brian McHugo on his life as a wine-grower in the south of France;
  • a photograph of Bryan Montgomery, upon him being elected to president of the Union des Foires Internationales;
  • a review by Vivian Green of an upcoming biography of Walter Oakeshott;
  • an appeal for information about a photograph of the 1974-1975 badminton team (who never played), shown by an unknown trophy;
  • full examination results and new students entering College in 1994;
  • an overheard conversation of tourists buying postcards (and their comments) in the newsagent's on the Turl.

With reports:

  • from Stephen Gill on the SCR, from Joe Coohill on the MCR (with photograph of MCR, and mention that ongoing heavy building work led to the adoption of the motto 'Ich bin ein Bear Laner'), and from Sam Beacock on the JCR (which mentions concern at rising costs for undergraduates, their declaration of war on the USA, and College's involvement in a press scandal);
  • from Librarian Fiona Piddock discussing the introduction of the new OLIS system, which is causing greater book circulation (partly due to new two-week loan period);
  • from the Chaplain mentioning the subtle but extensive renovation of the Chapel thanks to Bob Blake and the choir performing to the Bishop of Lincoln (with photograph of Christmas party), followed by a longer piece on the Chapel's history and repair and a report on the activity of the choir;
  • on College drama (and the Lincoln Players) and the Ball, with poster of play and photograph of Ball;
  • on sports activities in football, rowing, cricket, orienteering, table tennis, fencing, and rugby, with separate reports on women's basketball, hockey, rowing, and football, as well as MCR Cricket and the Old Members vs. JCR cricket match (with photograph of Women's First VIII and Women's Football team);
  • from the Development Office, with purchases including a new College piano;
  • on the activities of the Lincoln Society, the LCBC Society, and the Rugby Society.

67 pages.