Extensive teleprinter message of a series of articles by Anthony Goodman sent regarding the UN’s involvement in the 1993 conflict in the former Yugoslavia. The articles were sent from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

Scope and Content

The articles do no not have titles, the main subjects covered include:

- The proposal of a Security Council mission to transform several Moslem towns into UN safe areas x 2
- The revolt of members of the UN Security Council after seeing ethnic cleansing for the first time x 4
- Whether a Security Council mission would visit Srebrenica after Serbs demanded the diplomats be searched x 6.
- A statement by Bosnia’s Muslim president that the UN must be ready to use force against the Serbs and lift an arms embargo against his country if an international peace plan fails x 4.
- A statement made by the leader of the UN Security Council fact-finding mission to Bosnia, Ambassador Diego Arria, that Srebrenica was threatened with “slow-motion genocide” and the activities of the mission x 3.
- The activities of the UN Security Council fact-finding mission to Bosnia and the statement of Ambassador Diego Arria that he could not rule out force as a means of halting the fighting in Bosnia x 2.
- The arrival of a UN Security Council delegation in Zagreb on a mission likely to increase pressure for Council action to support Bosnia’s government in the war with the Serbs.
- A list of the ‘Asia impacts for Europe’, which gives information about the newspapers that articles appeared in, is at the end of the printout.