Miscellaneous papers re. Sidgwick's stay in Tübingen

Scope and Content

Papers relating to Nevil Sidgwick's stay in Tübingen, where he studied for a doctorate, and his stay in Leipzig before he went to Tübingen, including Enrolment and Disciplinary Regulations for the Students of the University of Leipzig (LC/MS/SIG/I/4/1; 12 October 1883), a certificate for the examination of Sidgwick by the Verband der Vorstände chemischer Laboratorien an deutschen Hochschulen (LC/MS/SIG/I/4/2; 29 November 1899), a degree certificate [?] in Latin from the University of Tübingen (LC/MS/SIG/I/4/3; 1899), Regulations for the Students of the Royal Württemberg University of Tübingen (LC/MS/SIG/I/4/4; 1899), a flyer commemorating an end of semester event [?] at the Physical and Chemical Institute in Leipzig (LC/MS/SIG/I/4/5; 27 February 1899), regulations concerning the rental of student accommodation in Tübingen (MS/SIG/I/4/6), an envelope addressed to N. V. Sidgwick (MS/SIG/I/4/7), a certificate of the proclamation of Sidgwick as a member of the German Chemical Society (MS/SIG/I/4/8; 12 November 1900) and a calendar for the winter term of 1900-01 at the University of Tübingen (MS/SIG/I/4/9). All papers except the certificate in Latin are in German.