LEASE for 10 years of messuage and 4 shops, reversion of kitchen and plot of ground in in the parish of St. Martin [further described; as in 86] belonging to 1 by gift of 2. Payment of 20 s. to Prioress and Convent of Luttlemor. Covenant that 2 might purchase at the end of the lease for 110 Marks

Scope and Content

1. Henry Castel, clerk
2. John Croxford of Cudlyngton

Annual Rent : 10 Marks silver

Witnesses : John de St. Frideswide, mayor of Oxford, William
le Northern' and Nicholas de Forsthull, bailiffs, John de
Stodle, John de Bedeford, Robert Mauncel, Henry de Malmesbury,
John Hertwell, Richard Wodehay, John de Norhampton, clerk

Dated at Oxford