Miscellaneous reminiscences

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Leslie Sutton and various individuals regarding reminiscences of Nevil Sidgwick, including a letter to Sutton from F. M. Brewer of the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Oxford dated 15 December 1960 regarding talks Brewer was due to give where Sidgwick would be mentioned, a letter to Brewer (presumably from Sutton) date 18 December 1960 regarding his return of letters of Sidgwick to Henry Tizard, letters to Sutton from T. W. J. Taylor dated 24 March 1952 and 27 June 1952 giving reminiscences about Sidgwick, a letter from Sutton to 'Bright' dated 10 December 1951 describing Sidgwick's condition before his death, and part of a reminiscence of Sidgwick with a note written by Leslie Sutton [?] reading 'This was probably written by Dr. F. M. Brewer'.