Various correspondence and works 2

Scope and Content

Letters to BJM and other papers of the following: Karl Otten (1889-1963). Letters, 1945-57; Letters and cards from Ellen Otten, 1965-67; typescript poems by Otten inscribed to BJM. Auguste Adler. Letter, 1932; letters from H. G. Adler, 1962-63. Richard Benz (1884-1966). Letters, 1964-66. Fritz Usinger. Letters, 1967-75. Friedrich W. Schoberth. Letters and cards, 1937-70. Imgard Buck. Letters, 1969-70. Stephanie Wiesand. Letters, 1930-35. Lia Ubaldini. Letters and cards, 1950-63. Family of Richard Strauss. Cards, 1949. Marchesa Eta Polesini. Letters and cards, 1939. Ernest Zinn. Letters, 1950. Hans Reinhart, Winterthur. Letters 1952-62. Paul Obermüller, Heidelberg (1899-1961). Letters 1949-61. Henry Sagan, New York. Letters 1950-54; letter from Rose Sagan, 1954. Insel-Verlag, Leipzig/Wiesbaden. Letters from P. Merteus and Friedrich Michael, 1937-62. cf. letters from Anton Kippenberg and Bettina von Bomhard. Copies of letters to Hermann Kasack and Ernst Johann. Else Domberger. Letters. 1961-72. Bettina von Bomhard (née Kippenberg) (1910-56). Letters 1948-56; 'Bettina von Bomhard zum Gedächtnis'. Jutta von Hesler (née Kippenberg). Letters 1950-76.