26 Dec 1962

Scope and Content

In response to a second letter from Morse, Mazzucchetti examines his criticism of her writings on German doctor and poet Hans Carossa and his commitment to Nazism; she accuses Morse of having attributed to her the words of Hermann Kesten (who authorized the publishing of some of Mazzucchetti letters out of their context), thus misunderstanding her. Mazzucchetti severely criticizes Morse for his defense of Benito Mussolini. An admirer of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, Mussolini helped to save a friend of the Matteotti family from imprisonment, when Zweig appealed to Mussolini for help. Morse felt this was commendable, while Mazzucchetti disagreed - he felt this displayed Mussolini's hypocrisy. On antisemitism and the committment to Nazism of some German intellectuals. Mentioning Rainer Maria Rilke and Thomas Mann.