Additions: poems and other works by Morse

Scope and Content

Gwili', E. Cefni Jones. The Mabinogion, ed. J. Gwenogoryn Evans (1907). 'Six Poems' – translation from Rilke by B.J. Morse, 1945. Rilke-Duino Elegies- Morse. 'Rainer Maria Rilke and the Occult', B.J. Morse. Two 12th-Century Love Poems, translated from the German by B.J. Morse. Two poems translated from the Italian by B.J. Morse. Two books by Alfred Mombert, 'Briefe' is inscribed by Ben Morse to R.G Thomas. Additions received by Mrs J.C. Thomas (widow of Professor R.G. Thomas, English Department, Cardiff University) 2002.