11 Jan 1948

Scope and Content

Letter sent from Hohenzollernstrasse, Berlin-Wannsee. Hausmann's daughter's sickness prevented him from replying earlier to Morse. He regrets that that current situation has cut off his subject, Classical Archaeology, from foreign contact, and thanks Morse for his kindness to him, despite the inhuman things his people committed. His disapproval of the manner in which 'Rilke und Benvenuta' is written has increased, and he advises Morse to go at the matter critically if he writes about it. He is sad to hear that a grandchild of Rilke's has died. A new Rilke handbook is to be issued, and Hausmann would like Morse to take charge of the bibliography of English and French works about Rilke. He asks Morse to send him two books by J.B. Leishman (1902-1963). He offers Dieter Bassermann's new book 'Der Späte Rilke' in return.