Letter from J.D. Hooker [Joseph Dalton Hooker] to George Maw

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Written from Royal Gardens, Kew. Manuscript

He thanks Maw for his letter about the sketches of Linaria melanantha [Linaria aeruginea]; they have so many species to figure that he would rather not figure allied things except in cases of confused synonyms or plants of special interest; he would like to keep one for their collection of drawings and asks Maw to thank Mrs Wood [unidentified]; they got rid of Mr Duncan [unidentified] this morning, as his conduct has been outrageous in the last eight months and he has caused them immense trouble; Duncan's replacement is good and careful; he hopes Maw will visit when he can; Baker [John Gilbert Baker, botanist, keeper of the Kew Herbarium] considers Linaria villosa a mere variation of L. origanifolia. With envelope

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