Letter from J.D. Hooker [Joseph Dalton Hooker] to George Maw

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Written from Kew. Manuscript

Maw should know Boissier [Pierre Edmond Boissier, botanist], and if he writes to him he should send the enclosed letter [enclosure not present]; he has asked Boissier to answer Maw's queries; Boissier has an excellent collection of alpines and also euphorbias; his address is simply 'Geneva'; his first name is Edmond; if Maw adds 'botaniste celebre' it will make doubly sure it reaches him, but it is a little pompous 'for us English' and he himself never adds anything to 'Geneva'; he is glad to hear that Maw's journal is bulky, though his own is sadly the opposite; he hopes that Maw will give them more of it

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