Letter from W. D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne [William D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne] to George Maw

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Written from Villa Louis, Biarritz, France. Manuscript

They left Luchon [Bagneres de Luchon, France] yesterday; the weather was rainy and foggy; he made a good collection of 'nobilis' [Narcissus nobilis] and found some hybrids; there are so many varieties that he must wait until they flower next spring to send some of each to Maw; he is sorry that Maw's white daffodils did not arrive well; he sends plants by 'Grande Vitesse' as the journey is long; he thanks Maw for the information on the Linnaean Society, though he would prefer a yearly payment; as he is abroad he must have somebody in England to act as security on his payments, and he asks if it could be his godfather and uncle, Lord D'Arcy Osborne [of Leeds], rather than a Fellow of the Society; his sister [Charlotte Mary Godolphin Osborne] has brought back a month-old mountain puppy from the Hospice [L'Hospice de France]; Jean [unidentified] sends thanks for Maw's present

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