Letter from Jos. D. Hooker [Joseph Dalton Hooker] to George Maw

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Written from Royal Gardens, Kew. Manuscript

He congratulates Maw on his son's [George Hornby Maw] entry into his business as a working member, which must be a relief as Maw has been overworked for years; the printed account Maw sent of the festivities was gratifying, and he hopes they continue to do well; their croci are more beautiful than ever and bursting their bounds, though Dewar [Daniel Dewar, foreman of the herbaceous ground] does not intend to move them until next year; he spends his spare time on 'Flora Indica', and has just finished the description of 67 species of Polygonum which was two months' work; it is one of the worst genera he has attempted; he thanks Maw for the Narcissus patulus [Narcissus tazetta] bulbs which arrived in good order; he asks if Maw wants any more trees or shrubs, either coniferous or deciduous, as he has a lot of good things in the nursery

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