Letter from Jos. D. Hooker [Joseph Dalton Hooker] to George Maw

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Written from Royal Gardens, Kew. Manuscript

The best New York man he knows is Thurber [George Thurber, American naturalist], for whom he sends a note; Blackmore [?Albert Smith Bickmore, a founder of the American Museum of Natural History], who is the head of the museum at Central Park [American Museum of Natural History, New York, United States of America], will be glad to see Maw, though Hooker thinks little of him; if he gives Maw a letter to him, he will probably send Hooker all sorts of people of a very different sort to Maw; he is 'puffer[?] extraordinary' to the Institution, and it is a wonderful one; he encloses a card for him, and Maw must get an order from him to see the new museum in the Park [enclosure not present]; New Haven is a charming town where Maw should see Eaton and Brewer [unidentified]; at Cambridge he should see Gray [Asa Gray, American botanist], and Sargent [Charles Sprague Sargent, director of the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, United States of America] who is well versed in alpines; he is sorry to hear of the defoliation of Maw's [illegible word], which must be a nuisance; he sends his regards to Mrs Maw [Frederica Mary Maw]; he has asked Eaton to introduce Maw to Brewer; Sargent lives some miles from the Botanical Garden, but is there almost every day, and Gray will tell Maw about him; Sargent has a charming house, garden and wife

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