Letter from D.N. [Dorothy Nevill] [to George Maw]

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Written from 45 Charles Street [Berkeley Square, London]. Manuscript

She has not heard from Maw in ages; they have just returned from a trip to Brussels [Belgium], Venice [Italy] and Paris [France]; they went to the great Pomological Show at Gand [Ghent, Belgium] where the apples were magnificent and the wine grapes from Marseilles [France] very curious, but the other fruits dreadful; she did not collect any flowers while away, but bought a few specimens of Venetian glass; she asks if Maw keeps any of his work in London as she would love to go and see it; she hopes he will visit them a little before Christmas; they have not yet begun the rockwork as she has not been at home much; she is still very busy redoing her boudoir in London, where she will have a mantelpiece of ebonized wood with recesses to hold the pieces Maw sends her, as she values them very much; they are going on some visits, but if Maw writes to Dangstein she will always receive it; Mr Elwes [Henry John Elwes, botanist] kindly sent them a collection of hardy plants. Dated 31st [31 Oct 1875; the Ghent Fruit or Pomological Show took place in Sep 1875]

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