Rhymney Iron Company Limited

Administrative / Biographical History

In 1836 a group of men bought the whole of the concern of the iron works owned by Richard Crawshay. They formed themselves into a joint stock company by a special Act of Parliament dated 21 Jun 1841 under the title of the Rhymney Iron Company. In 1871 the Rhymney Company was registered under the Companies Act. Abandoned the manufacture of iron and steel in 1891. The First World War prevented the company from carrying out the maintenance and development work essential to the future prosperity of the undertaking and it was faced with a large capital expenditure to bring its equipment and development operations up to date. In 1921 PD acquired the Rhymney Company shares. The Rhymney Company remained a separate legal entity until it was liquidated in 1937, but its fortunes were tied up with PD since 1921.