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Additional names in HISTORY AND GENETICS folder

Beighton, Peter. Former Professor of Human Genetics, Capetown.

Bengtsson, Bengt-Ole. Professor of Genetics, Lund, Sweden. Interested in history of genetics.

Bulfield, Graham. Former member of Edinburgh Animal Genetics Dept. Now head of school of Biology, Edinburgh University.

Buys, Charles. Head of Human Genetics, Groeningen, Netherlands.

Chapelle, Albert de la. Finnish medical geneticist, now working in US. Especially involved in gene mapping, cancer genetics. Interview but no recording.

Comfort, Nathaniel. Science historian with interest in genetics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Farndon, Peter. Medical geneticist, Birmingham.

Kalmus, Peter. Son of Hans Kalmus, formerly geneticist at Galton laboratory, UCL.

Laxova, Renata. Czech medical geneticist from Brno, later working in UK and Madison, Wisconsin. Recorded interview.

Lyon, Mary. Geneticist at MRC Unit Harwell; especially involved with mouse mutants; discoverer of X-inactivation. Recorded interview.

Manners, Elisabeth. Longstanding departmental secretary to Paul Polani. Correspondence re photos etc.

Modell, Bernadette. Professor at UCL. Main field screening and prenatal diagnosis of thalassaemias. Recorded interview.

Morton, Newton E. American born mathematical and population geneticist, now at Southampton University. Husband of Patrica Jacobs. Recorded interview.

Moss-Gibbons, Caroline. Librarian, Royal College of Physicians, London.

Murphy, Edmund (Tony). Former medical geneticist, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Proposed interview nor feasible. (correspondence via niece, Magdelena Murphy).

Norby, Soren. Danish geneticist with interest in history of the field.

Nowell, Peter. American haematologist, involved in discovery of 'Philadelphia chromosome' in chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Pihkko, Helena. Finnish geneticist, relative of Eeva Therman, Finnish cytogeneticist later working in Madison, Wisconsin.

Read, Andrew. Professor of Human Genetics, Manchester. Recorded interview.

Schull, Jack. American geneticist, working with James Neel on genetic effects of the atomic explosions.

Scriver, Charles. Biochemical geneticist, Montreal. Editor of 'Metabolic Basis of Inherited Disease'. Recorded interview.

Soderqvist, Thomas. Professor of History of Medicine, Copenhagen.

Sutherland, Grant. Geneticist, Adelaide, Australia. Especially involved with fragile X syndrome. Recorded interview.

Valle, David. Medical geneticist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

Van den Hagen, Carl-Birger. Professor of Genetics, Oslo. Recorded interview.

Warburg, Mette. Ophthalmic geneticist, Copenhagen. Recorded interview.

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