Scope and Content

E-mail correspondence involving Peter Harper 2003 and late 2011. There has been virtually no paper correspondence since 2003 apart from handwritten notes.

Correspondence is held from two email systems (Groupwise and Lotus Notes), and contains a moderate amount of material on non-historical topics, as well as some trivia. Although initially Peter Harper deleted or refiled some correspondence, he later left it in a single file, deleting group correspondence and 'spam' at the time and has not attempted to reorganise it subsequently.

Groupwise correspondence can be searched and browsed using Advansys' emulator software Archive to Go, while email from Lotus Notes is stored in plain text files. They can be searched using associated indexes, and Ctrl+F commands. Files are stored on an external harddrive and backed up on the University's networked storage.

There is also a paper file where correspondence with individuals of particular relevance has been printed out, which covers the time 2003-2010. There is a file for each correspondent.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements