Scope and Content

Questionnaire regarding religion in Hungary with a minster of a free church, Substance of an address given by Prof Kiss on Friday Aug 9th, 1957, sermons and addresses (typescript) and cuttings. Addresses/Articles (some drafts, some offprints): The Obedient Tongue (Gospel Hall, 10 Nov 1926) (x2), The Man of Cavalry (x2), The Garden Tomb, Follow Me Thou: The Path of Christ's True Disciples, The Incarnate God, Great David's Greatest Son or David as King, Prophet and Man (x2), The Christian's Attitude to Gambling (from Harvester), God's Call to Service (x2), Bournemouth Conference, 14 Apr 1922, The Call of God, The Queen of Sheba (from The Witness), Faith and the Promises, Praise and Reproof, Gospel Hall, 10 Nov 1926, The Glorious Person of Christ, Follow Me Thou: The Path of Christ's True Disciples, The Stewardship of Life, A New Year Reflection (from The Witness), The Matchless Christ, Christ's Cross Our Example, The Crucified-Satisfied, The Gypsy Flower Seller, The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ (from The Harvester), Christ-Greater than Solomon, Times and Seasons in the Life of our Lord, The Garden Tomb, The Enthronement of Christ. Partial typescript draft and galley prints of Our Matchless Lord. Newspaper cutting from The Orkney Herald, 10 Dec, 1957: Memories of Sixty Years by P.N. Sutherland Graeme.