Copy (dated 6 Nov 1818) of Release

Scope and Content


1. Henry Hoare of Stourhead, Wilts., Esq

2. Richard Hoare of Barn Elms, Surrey,

Esq., nephew of 1.

3. William Mann of the Middle Temple,


PROPERTY: A piece of land (described) in

St. Dunstan's, London; a parcel of

ground at Golden Lane, St. Giles without

Cripplegate, London, and buildings

erected on the same; piece of ground,

with messuage erected on it, on Essex

St., St. Clements Danes, Middx.; 6

messuages in Duke St., Lincolns Inn

Fields; a moiety of a piece of land in

Lincolns Inn Fields.

CONSIDERATION: 1's love and affection

for 2.

COMMENTS: 1 gives the property to 3 to

hold in trust for 2.