Crow notebook and poetry

Scope and Content

Partly typewritten, partly autograph material comprising an autograph commentary on prose and poetry about Crow written in a spiral notebook and drafts of poems with some autograph annotations. The poems included were published in different collections relating to Crow as follows - 'Carnival' ('A Few Crows', 1970); 'Crow Wakes', 'Amulet' (this was also published in Under the North Star), 'In the Land of the Lion', 'I See a Bear' and 'Bedtime Anecdote' (here entitled 'Ninth Bedtime Story) ('Crow Wakes' 1971). There are also drafts of unpublished crow poems, which are entitled as follows - 'Crow Compromises', 'Crow Fails', 'Crow Pulped', 'Struggling for Light', 'Crow's Totem' (also draft entitled 'Totem'), 'Today', 'Corporal Crow Goes Into Battle', 'Carrion Tiresias Examines The Sacrifice', 'Crow Outlawed', 'Crow', 'A Bout', 'Crow's Conquests', 'Crow Begets Crow' and 'A Crow Joke'. A fragment of a letter sent by Hughes (recipient unknown) in which he writes about Crow is also included. This folder contains undated material.

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