Research notes

Scope and Content

Partly typewritten, partly autograph research notes with some poetic and prose drafts, other notes and a short script entitled 'Yagmak'. The research notes relate to a large number of different subjects, and in some cases the books from which the notes have been made have been recorded. The subjects include the following - fairytales (including The Crimson Fairy Book and Brown Fairy Book by Andrew Lang); essays from The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections on Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould (1980); historical figures including Julius Caesar, Oliver Cromwell, Kathe Kolwitz, Edgar Cayce, Christopher Columbus, Yeats and Eliot. Notes about Christianity, biblical figures, Manichaeism, folktales from different cultures, Elizabethan Puritanism, Mithras and the Norman Conquest are included. Notes and diagrams relating to Shakespeare and his work (some of this links to ideas explored in Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being) and material that appears to relate to Hughes's work on Crow (including unpublished poetry and a diagram similar to one found in Add MS 88918/10/4) are also included. Two of the loose papers include copies of other alphabets including Greek, one contains diary notes for September (year is not given) and one page consists of a number of sketches under the title 'The Great Tuarisgeal'. The research notes have been written on loose papers (many of which have been recycled) and in a copy of a screenplay 'Crack in the World' by Jon Manchip White (fourth draft, 1963). Loose papers that were inserted into the screenplay have been kept in the same order, secured together and placed directly behind the volume at the beginning of Add MS 88918/11/3. An illustration of an Egyptian boat on a page of notes appears to have been drawn by a child. These folders contain some undated material.

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